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Species present

Lake (area in acres/depth in feet) species

Big Bateau (220/34) bass, perch, bluegill
Clark (820/75) bass, lake trout
Clear (38/48) pike, bluegill
Corey (18/10) bass, bluegill
Crooked (579/66) pike, bass, bluegill, perch, crappie
Cub (28/13) bass, bluegill
Deer Island (241/48) bass
Devil's Head (92/47) bass, bluegill
Doyle (9/46) bass, bluegill
East Bear (40/30) bass, bluegill
Florence (25/22) bluegill
Glimmerglass (26/10) bass, bluegill
Golden Silence (-/-) bass, bluegill
Hay (14/35) bass, bluegill
Helen (60/51) bass
High (60/95) bass, lake trout
Johnston Springs (13/-) pike
Katherine (40/55) bass
Kerr (8/26) bluegill
Loon (358/50) bass
Marsh (65/24) bass
Mountain (100/39) bass, bluegill
Snap Jack (48/62) bass, pike, bluegill
Trapper (16/-) bluegill
West Bear (56/20) bass, bluegill
Whitefish (408/80) walleye, bass, pike

[Data source: Ottawa National Forest]

For more information, go to the Ottawa National Forest's "Sylvania Wilderness and Recreation Area" web page (see link below). If you scroll down to the heading "Activities" (near the bottom of that page) you will find additional information under "Fishing".

ONF: Sylvania Wilderness and Recreation Area

Please help protect Sylvania

Remember to check your boat and clean it if necessary before entering the lakes. All plants, seeds, and animals, as well as mud that might contain them, must be removed to prevent the spread of invasive species.

please help protect Sylvania


Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass

Illustration by Timothy Knapp/USFWS

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