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Upcoming events: 2016

(updated as information becomes available)

June 17-21, 2016: Sierra Club invasive weeds removal project

Volunteers needed - please contact Dan Wallace at 608/698.5144
For more information, please go to Volunteering

July 28, August 2 & 13, 2016: Land O'Lakes Fish & Game Club work days

For more information, please go to Volunteering

May-August: Summer program at the ONF Visitor Center

This program consists of presentations by experts on a variety of topics (botany, biology, history, etc.) related to the Ottawa National Forest. All presentations start at 7:00 pm on Thursdays and are free and open to the public. Please go to Ottawa Interpretive Association for a list of topics.

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Hoof pick to clean your boots

This is not a joke!

Three separate sites of garlic mustard have appeared along trails in Sylvania Wilderness. Dirty boots spread bad plants!