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2010 spotted knapweed project

Project leader: W. Brinkmann

Clark Lake-North Beach

Eastern section:

mowing spotted knapweed All plants on the sandy strip next to the water and numerous outlyers to the north were hand-pulled. The most densely infected strip along the portion of the Clark Lake trail running across the eastern section of the beach was mowed (on a very hot and hazy day). All plant matter was bagged and removed.


Western section:

knapweed on  the beach


Several plants growing along the trail between the eastern and western section of the North Beach and numerous plants growing on the western section (swimming beach) were hand-pulled. All plants were bagged and removed.




Loon Lake

There is a patch of spotted knapweed growing on the northern sandy shore, just east of the Clark-Loon portage trail. This patch has been in existence for several years and a number of visitors, realizing the problem, have pulled the plants. Unfortunately, some visitors then throw the plants on the ground which only spreads the seeds.

knapweed bag on kayak


All plants and a large number of first-year rosettes were hand-pulled. Plant remains found on the ground were gathered. All plant material was bagged and hauled across Clark Lake by kayak.



Photos by W. Brinkmann

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